Inspiration and collaboration guide design. In Shane Trudell's studios the leather case is understood as Classic Form; a jazz standard upon which to improvise, challenge, and refine.


The evolution of the leather case is ongoing, anchored in history and keeping pace with progress. The things we carry and the ground we carry them over is in flux - the steamer, the train, the auto, the airplane.  Responding to this through bespoke design, Shane Trudell's process is curious, conversational, inspired. 

We invite big thinkers and detailers, the creatives and the pragmatists. Some clients come to us with answers and solutions that they need made real; some arrive with questions to explore. Whatever your source of inspiration, the Bespoke Process guides your design from the inchoate to the concrete.


Our Craft

If adaptive and forward looking describes our design, it is not so for our craft. When seeking out material, tool, and technique we are anachronist; the obscure, the inefficient, and hopefully, the perfect.

In old-world tools, techniques, and materials there remains the opportunity to re-create what once was - master crafts capable of a lifetime of service, prepared for the patina of age which finally gives each object its eloquence.